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Labour, Still the Republican Poodle by georgeinwashington
October 4, 2007, 4:46 pm
Filed under: Foreign Affairs, iran, Iraq, US/UK relations

On Monday a shocking article was released by the acclaimed journalist in the States, Seymour Hersh. In it he says that early in the summer detailed plans had been formed to conduct air strikes against Iran and that the British were “on board” He later goes on to say that the most enthusiastic supporter of the new Bush plan was none other than our own Gordon Brown.

Seymour is no hack, his journalism is of the highest quality. He was the man that uncovered the Abu Gharaib scandal and his article on the preparations of the US administration’s build up to the war in Iraq was passed on  by then British Ambassador Christopher Meyer to Downing street as a “pretty accurate picture of whats going on”

Whilst Brown is portraying himself in public as an in independent minded actor distancing himself from the slavish relationship towards the US of his predecessor. In reality, the fundamental premise of our foreign policy remains the same. Blindly follow the US into any of its misadventures rather no matter what the consequence for us or indeed the opinions of the British people.

Labour not Blair must be stopped.


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